How Did George Washington Indispensable In Drafting The Government

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George Washington was indispensable in launching the U.S government. Although many opposed his political views at the time, Washington's leadership capabilities were unquestionable after his victory in the American Revolution. Our victory over Great Britain would have been doubtful if not for Washington and his judgement. Before becoming president, Washington led in drafting the Constitution, which is the foundation of America. When he became president, Washington believed in unity and a strong central power. He established a federal government, a national bank, a national university, a national military academy, and a unifying capital city. His choice to not have overly powerful state governments was wise because an excessively strong state government would lead to individualism and would disintegrate the American union. Also, choosing no sides in the French Revolution was the right decision because it let America grow stronger rather than losing lives and wasting resources in another war. His strict discipline, virtuous standards, and great…show more content…
Although he was only trained for small frontier wars with a small number of troops, he had enough courage, determination, and intelligence to defy all odds and defeat Britain. After his great victory, Washington gave up command of the Colonial Army and returned to Mount Vernon with intentions to resume his old life as a farmer. However, in 1787, he was asked to attend the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and help draft the new constitution. He impressed all the delegates with his leadership and wisdom, convincing most of them that he was the most qualified person to become America’s first president. Public opinion was so strong towards Washington that he chose to run for office. He won by large margins, and was inaugurated on April 30, 1789 with John Adams as the vice
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