How Did George Washington Influence The Revolutionary War

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George Washington was the first president of the United States. He was born in Virginia in 1732 and was a surveyor in his youth days. George Washington’s military involvement began when he joined the Virginia militia. This included dangerous missions he accomplished in delivering messages from Governor Dinwiddie to the French in Ohio Valley. Due to his heroism, Washington was appointed to command the Virginia militia forces. He later resigned in 1758, returned home and married Martha Custis, a wealthy widow. He became involved in politics and was elected to Virginia’s Continental Congress. He became the army’s commander-in-chief when the Revolutionary War started. Washington took command of the American Army at Cambridge in 1775, as shown by the Currier and lves lithology (1876). The Currier and lves lithology image was collected during the Bicentennial Commission’s plan to celebrate the achievements of the first US president.…show more content…
He is respected for his tactics in selecting and supervising his army generals, commanding and preserving the army, appropriate coordination with state governors and Congress. Further, he rendered great appropriate attention to logistics, supplies and training. However, Washington was usually outdone by the British in war, due to their large number of army officers. After winning in 1783, he resigned as the commander-in-chief instead of taking up more power. This was aimed at showing his disapproval of dictatorships and portray his support for American republicanism. He presided over the formation of the federal form of government in the United States in
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