How Did George Washington Retired Again

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later retired again George Washington started his military fighting for the British and commanding his own army. He later retired a well respected man and moved to Virginia to live the rest of his days. He then married Martha Washington and lived happily with his new family Washington ran a successful farm with his family and few workers. Washington felt that this is how he would spend the rest of his days like this. More and more colonist became angry because of there rights. This is when the revolutionary war began. Washington with his military experience became the general of the continental army. Although Washington lost most wars he motivated his men. His most remembered battle is the battle of Trenton in which he ambushed the Hessians and took over a British camp.…show more content…
Washington later helped trap the British in a battle that would later end the war and give freedom and liberty to the United States of America. Washington later retired again, but later needed more help from him. George Washington watched as the colonies became corrupt with no leader. He soon became the 1st President of America. He led the new found country to prosperity and led it with pride. Without Washington there might not be an America. He motivated and led the country to what it has become today. His legacy lives on through the memories of his battle and his courage and
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