How Did George Washington Williams Affect Society

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Throughout grade school, we were taught mainly American history. We learned about all the wars and who the key generals and soldiers were. I remember learning about slavery and how we were told it was some of the worst crimes to ever be committed. I now know and understand slavery to be a crime against humanity. While we learned very little about how slavery was abolished in the United States and especially globally, I knew this would be important fact in our history all over the world. I never heard the name George Washington Williams until this very class, and I find that discouraging, to be honest. George Washington Williams was a well-educated man. During the time George Washington Williams had the most influence, was a time of deep oppression and racism toward the Black community. People actually believed that these African Americans did not possess any social or intellectual qualities that would make them writers of substance. (Franklin, 1978). Despite the prejudice, this man had a brief yet stunning career and deserves more recognition of his work and beliefs. As a well-known writer and lecturer, his voice was one of reason and sway. It was a voice anyone could listen to as he gained undoubted amounts of respect. This would help…show more content…
In the open letter to King Leopold, George Washington Williams addresses the fact King Leopold is involved with the slave trade, whole sale and retail. He tells the people what is really happening in the Congo, and people listened. George Washington Williams has twelve points in his open letter, and between them all, they prove the injustice and gross misrepresentation King Leopold led to the rest of the world. Mr. Williams deserves much praise and respect for speaking out against these “crimes against humanity” which is a phrase he coins to represent deeply disturbing acts such as this in the
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