How Did Germany Use Alliances In World War 1

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1) Militarism- Germany, Britain, and France all wanted to build the largest armies and their navies and the battle to use them on each other Alliances- Serbia had an alliance with Russia and Austria-Hungary had an alliance with Germany which lead to more countries getting involved. Imperialism- countries sought to increase their amount of land either for cultural or economic reasons Nationalism- people thought their country was better than the others which led to more people fighting for their country 2) the official policy that was used at the start of the war was to remain neutral. Wilson had ordered that the US would trade with nations on both sides war. In the start of the war, many Americans agreed with that policy saying…show more content…
This new technology cause more powerful weapons to occur. These new weapons caused the number of casualties to increase drastically. New weapons such as machine guns, tanks, flame throwers, grenade launchers, airplanes, submarines and U-boats were invented. Also chemical warfare was first introduced. Around ⅓ of all the casualties in world war 1 were a result of these poisonous gases. All of these weapons required a defense system to be protected against, so trench warfare was invented. 5) trench warfare was very common in World War 1. It was used as protection against the all new very powerful weapons. 6) The Us government created support for the war by making propaganda posters. These posters would infuse an emotion and make someone want to fight or help the soldiers in the war. Many posters encourage men to go and fight for their country, but others encourages women to plant more food to feed the troops that were…show more content…
Over 30 counties, 32 to be exact, had come together in paris, france in january 1919. Here they would attempt to make peace around the world after world war 1. The singing was primarily dominated by the big three, britain, france and the US. italy was left out of the big three because france and britain thought that they didn 't do a good enough job of fighting. Germany and russia were left out of the conference and were forced to met the requirements of what the big three wanted back from the war. The conference was formed to decide on how hard germany and russia should have to repay the losses of the countries from the war. France, britain and the US all had different plans of what the had wanted to do. Wilson had the most peaceful plan because america had been involved the shortest and had suffered the least amount of losses. He was saying that he wanted to form the league of nations that could help prevent future wars. He also stated that germany should not be blamed for the entire war. Clemenceau, representing france, had the harshest strategy for rebuilding the world because his country had suffered the most damage from the war by losing the most troops, land,and resources. He wanted germany to pay for what they had done to france. Clemenceau proposed that germany would return alsace-lorraine back to france. He also wanted germany to pay huge reparations for the destruction and

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