How Did Grandin Change The World

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Dr Grandin has influenced many lives, including mine. Dr. Grandin has accomplished many tasks including the newly improved cattle dip. Dr. Grandin, although she has autism, helped the agricultural community. She has also helped the U.S. food industry. With her innovations and ideas, she has changed the agricultural world as we know it. Dr. Grandin has personally changed my life. According to Temple Grandin has influenced meat production and processing and has created a scoring system which is being used by many large corporations today. The system is supposed to help and improve animal welfare. This affects me because, as food is processed, it affects the taste of the meat. And with her scoring system, Temple has been able to improve the welfare of the animals which affects the quality of the meat. For someone who buys pig and cow meat, her system has improved the quality of the meat for better taste.…show more content…
Her cattle dip vat that she created was phenomenal. Grandin, although having a mental handicap, created a dip vat at least 30 times better than other dips. She designed the dip vat in a way that helps the cattle feel comfortable, safe and calm. On the other hand, other cattle farmers were making the cattle slide into the dip on a steel sheet, and having other farmers herd the cattle through the walls to the dip. That made the cattle nervous and afraid. And when they get nervous and afraid, that made them jump into the water, which could possibly make the cattle drown, losing money for the farm. What Dr. Grandin accomplished, has helped the agricultural community immensely. The agriculture community, because of Grandin 's design, has made more money from not losing cattle to drowning, and has influenced other farmers to do the
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