How Did Greek Architecture Influence Western Civilization

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Today we live in a world and time where Democracy is the answer to every situation. Where today people have the right to vote, the freedom to speak their minds, and the freedom to dream big and achieve their goals. We live in a time and day that began in Greece all at once. The Athenians assured the Greeks in a new age that brought a lot of new innovations in democracy, art, architecture, philosophy, theatre and mostly in society. The Greeks were strong and powerful but they were also skilled warriors. These are those ideas that still remain to us today and that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The Greek Golden Age was the most flourishing period in the history of a nation and was also a big influence of the Western Civilization. During this period of time, significant advances were made in many different fields. The Greek Golden Age was that time in history where the ancient Greek offered a lot of contributions and achievement to…show more content…
They had a lot of precisions in their works, and the formulas that they invented later influenced the architecture in the past two millennia. Ancient Greeks enjoyed and loved everything there is to love about architecture with lots of passion. Greeks had two main principles orders in architecture, which were the Doric and Ionic. One of the Greeks best aims to the method of architecture was the Greek Temple. Theatre played a big part in Greeks life. Plays became important in ancient Greece. There were two types of plays, comedy and tragedy. Comedy was play that usually made fun of a certain someone or something and a tragedy dealt with moral issues, human suffering and sometimes disasters. The theatre offer and let people experienced the beauty of myth, dance, music, rituals and literature. Sometimes it even provides people with ideas to escape and feel free from the harsh realities and everyday life to have see and to be
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