How Did Greek Culture Influence Ancient Roman Art

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Ancient Roman art is like a picture worth a thousand words. Every single picture and sculpture has a special meaning and they painted many images of their gods. Ancient Roman Art is very old and fascinating and was heavily influenced by Greek culture, it started a long time ago , and got a lot of ideas from other countries.
Ancient Roman art was heavily influenced by Greek, and was formed 1,000 years before Rome. It is not surprising that the Romans got many ideas from the Greek. They borrowed ideas from theater, sculptures, painting, and poetry. Modern historians believed that Ancient Roman Art was founded in 625 B.C. The Romans borrowed and based many of their Gods on Greek gods (Gedacht 5). Art was very popular during this time and was usually used by the wealthy people so they can remember their deeds and heritage. Ancient Rome ruled over Europe for over 1,000 years and got ideas from them. The Romans Also got ideas from other civilizations they have conquered and encountered (Art 1,3). Ancient Roman art was created around 800 B.C. to 500 A.D. ( Roman ).
The ancient Romans of the Pantheon to honor the 12 most powerful gods and goddesses (Gedacht 6). The Pantheon is one of the most amazing domes in Rome. The Pantheon was ordered by Emperor Hadrian to honor all the gods, it was completed and 125 A.D. it's dome was built with 5,000 tons of
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and lasted to 330 A.D. by Romulus, it's first king, Roman Art was founded. in 509 B.C. the Roman people and Senate became a republic. The republic of Rome conquered France, Spain, Turkey, North Africa, and Greece and got many ideas from them. agriculture, literature, statues, wall-paintings, mosaics, pottery, and glass was influenced by Greek. when Greek found gold generals and senators fought over wealth. (Khan 1,3). Augustus was a leader and a shrewd man and thought a way to communicate was by art. (Roman). When the republic collapsed the Roman empire begin. (Khan
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