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The conquest of Egypt by Greek leader, Alexander the Great resulted in the heavy Egyptian influence of art forms and techniques in Greece. Early Greek art show similarities with the techniques and systems used by Egyptian artist, whom the Greeks would observe first hand in Eastern Africa. The Kore (so-called Auxerre Goddess) reflects the Egyptian influence on Greek art through the evolution seen in the Aegean time period to the Daedalic order, and the similarities seen from ancient Egyptian art. Aegean art refers to art that was created in the Grecian lands, and the islands within the Aegean Sea. The Mediterranean was one of the primary highways that connected the cultures of antiquity , which gave possibility for the spread of culture and art between the…show more content…
After the collapse of Mycenaean civilization, art became largely non figural for several countries. In the 9th century BCE, the oldest surviving style of Greek art developed, known as the Geometric style because of the predominance of linear designs. During this time, Greeks would focus on creating pottery with various geometric patterns and linear designs. A noticeable feature on the Kore is the rectangular pattern on the dress which reflects this traditional technique and conveys the Egyptian influence on Greek Art. The Archaic sculpture of the Kore dates from the 7th century BCE, when the Greeks were evolving from their Dark Age. An Early Archaic style was termed as "Daedalic." This style was named after Daedalus, who is said to be the one of the first creators of making statues in antiquity design. This frontality, which was often used in Egyptian art as well as in earlier Greek reliefs, is suggestive for the origin of Daedalic sculpture. Standing at 75 centimeters tall, The Kore is a taller sculptures than what the Greeks worked with traditionally compared to works of art like Man and Centaur(750 BCE) which stood at 11 centimeters. The Kore is rigidly frontal which can be

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