How Did Gregor Mendel Have Blue Peas

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Gregor Johann Mendel was an Austrian monk to the Roman Catholic church, who was born in July of 1822 in Hynice, Czechia to Anton and Rosine Mendel along with his two sisters Veronica and Theresia. His father Anton owned a farm and as a young child, Mendel used to work on the farm. He was fascinated by the plants that grew on the farm. He was a highly intelligent student in grade school but his family had a very hard time paying for his tuition when he was in high school and at Olmutz Philosophical Institute when he was older. Mendel could not afford to go to a university. Gregor made the discussion to go to the Augustinian monastery, where he becoming a priest. He changed his name to the Christian name, Gregor. At the monastery, He failed the…show more content…
Mendel focused on seven basic characteristics of plants. He looked for things such as size, color, wrinkly or smooth, and if the plant was tall or short. One of Mendel 's experiments discovered genetics in peas. Mendel decided to take two peas one yellow and one green and crossbred two peas. The first experiment F1 resulted in four yellow peas. The green peas seemed to have disappeared. He wondered why the peas weren 't both green and yellow since they had a green and a yellow parent. Mendel decided to repeat his experiment again but this time he crossbred the F1 peas. After the second experiment (F2 ) was complete he found that 3/4 peas were yellow and the green pea had reappeared. Mendel had a hypothesis that there had to be some kind of factor (gene) that controlled the color of the peas. Mendel had concluded that there had to be two kinds of factors dominant and recessive factors. In the first experiment (F1) the yellow was completely dominant and it seemed the green factor had gone away. But in the second experiment (F2) the green gene had reappeared in one of the four peas in the offspring so in the second experiment the three of four peas the yellow gene was dominant and the other pea had the green recessive

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