How Did Hamilton Contribute To The Development Of Political Parties

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After the Revolutionary War, the rewriting and ratification of the Constitution, and the inauguration of George Washington as president, the nation still had many political issues to deal with, however different groups in the government had very different opinions and strategies about how to solve them and how the new government should be run. This lead to the development of political parties. The two first parties were the Federalists and the Democrat-Republicans. One way the original political parties in America differed was their thoughts on whether or not our government should be “ruled by the wealthy class” versus “ruled by the people”. The Federalists party, founded by Alexander Hamilton, believed that the government should be ruled by the wealthy. Alexander Hamilton once said “ The people are turbulent and changing; they seldom change or determine right.”(The American Journey, pg.292). This means that the people in his party thought that the normal citizens of the nation weren’t capable of making productive or orderly decisions for government. They believed that the higher status, wealthy, educated men should run the public office and that they would make trustworthy decisions that would…show more content…
Even though George Washington made it a big point in his farewell address, about how political parties would cause problems, the beliefs about how our young new country should have been ran was very broad and different and so it was inevitable that the different parties would form. While the Federalists believed that the highly educated businessmen should represent the people and run the government, the Democrat-Republicans thought a very different opinion, that the country should use its citizens to make decisions about the nation 's government and to have equal
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