How Did Hammurabi Create Justice In Society

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In the years between 1800 BCE to 1750 BCE Hammurabi ruled Mesopotamia from the city of Babylon. Hammurabi is most known for his code. The code of Hammurabi was established to maintain order and justice through Mesopotamia. Order and Justice inevitably constructed and established the city states of Mesopotamia to thrive. This code put the people of the social hierarchy in their place to fulfill their duties. As stated by Hammurabi himself “they… named me, Hammurabi, the exalted prince, the worshiper of the gods, to cause justice to prevail in the land, to destroy the wicked and evil, to prevent the strong from oppressing the weak…” (Rogers, 4). Not only did Hammurabi create peace and order, he established the first known to historians’ justice system. Hammurabi’s code maintains order through social hierarchy, economic liability and gender inequality.
Hammurabi’s code maintained order in Mesopotamia through social hierarchy. The class structure as demonstrated includes the king, the religious leaders, the nobility, the merchants and craftsmen, the common folk, and slaves. This class structure is a staircase towards the gods. The level
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These three pillars of Hammurabi’s code established a finite set of rules which the people of Mesopotamia followed for several generations after Hammurabi passed away. This knowledge of a justice system and a code of laws inspired several other civilizations including the Greeks and Romans to incorporate it into their own ways of life. The Greeks and Romans incorporated Hammurabi’s findings in a new way of establishing and maintaining order which granted later civilizations to build unto those laws. These steeping stones guarantees civilizations today to learn from the ways civilizations maintained order. This allows for countries in today’s society to create fair an unjust law that cannot be biased to one side or the other
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