How Did Harriet Tubman Contribute To Freedom

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Harriet Tubman was a very strong and courageous woman. She led many people to freedom. She was also beaten, abused, and much more worse things. Harriet fought her way to be a leader. Harriet was a slave girl. She has just been shipped to a new plantation. Her slave owner is the wife of the slave master, Miss. Susan. Miss. Susan doesn’t like the way Harriet is doing her dusting. Miss. Susan’s sister, Miss. Sarah, does not like the cruel behavior that her sister is treating the slaves. After this, Miss. Susan let Harriet take care of her son. After ten days, Harriet got sent back to her old master, Master Brodas. When she came back, she starts to work at the big house. Harriet’s new slave master is also the lave masters wife. When Harriet was…show more content…
When John fell asleep, Harriet took one his longest knives. After her brothers got there, they were on their way. After a few miles, Harriet’s brothers got scared. Harriet’s brothers returned home. After they were gone, Harriet found a young Quaker, named Ezekiel Hunn. After they got to get Harriet something to eat, the Quaker told her to get a ticket a graveyard. After she went to the graveyard, she got her ticket from a young black man. Afterwards, Harriet left to go to another Quakers house. His name was Thomas Garrett. She couldn’t leave until Sunday since the catchers were in church. After Harriet left, she saw a sign that led to Philadelphia. Harriet had to live life a little harshly. Then she found a job. She cleaned houses. She paid three dollars. After a few days passed, Harriet saw the Liberty Bell. When she arrived, a young girl read what was on the Bell. Then her mother said “ Gonna come a day, and it won’t be long, when there won’t be any such things as slaves. Just wait and see”, said the little girl’s mother. After a while, Harriet became a slave conductor To conclude this brief essay, Harriet Tubman has made it to the North. She is now free. She might be living fortunate right now. One day though, Harriet thought that all slaves should be free. Then Harriet became a conductor. Now she can help other slaves to get to freedom with the help of

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