How Did Harriet Tubman Contribute To The Civil Rights Movement

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First, Harriet Tubman helped bring about change in the civil rights movement by being involved in the abolitionist movements. Harriet Tubman took a large step in joining movements to stop slavery, oppression, and segregation. Abolitionist movements work to help give all races, genders, and religions equal rights. Harriet Tubman’s speeches and actions were one of the building blocks for civil rights in the U.S. Harriet’s devotion and determination resulted in a stronger and more well-rounded country. “In the late 1850’s she spoke at anti-slavery gatherings and a women’s rights meeting in 1860” (Harriet Tubman). This means that not only did she fight for racial equality, but for women’s rights also. She was a help to multiple movements in a matter of years. To sum up, being a part of the abolitionist movements was one of the most important…show more content…
Harriet Tubman traveled down to the south and led slaves out of oppression. Harriet and many other escaped slaves helped start a method of escape called the underground railroad. This of course, contrary to popular belief, was not an actual railroad; nor was it underground. The underground railroad was a series of routes from the north to the south. These routes went to either northern slave-free states or to Canada. Along the secret roads were safe houses where the slaves would lay low from the slave-hunters. Good Samaritans along with abolitionists gave up rooms in their homes so that runaway slaves could have a places to sleep or hide. “The most famous ‘conductor’ a once slave slave named Harriet Tubman, reportedly made nineteen rescue trips to the south, saving around 300 men, women, and children from slavery” (Underground Railroad). Anyone who is that devoted to a cause should be praised. She went out of her way 19 times to rescue slaves from oppression. One cannot stop slavery without freeing the
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