How Did Harriet Tubman Impact Society

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Harriet Tubman Road to Freedom Maker Conductor of the Underground Railroad, nurse, and spy, are three things that define Harriet Tubman. Most people think of her heroic acts in the Underground Railroad when they think of Harriet Tubman, but she did so much more. As a well known icon of the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman showed Americans that anyone can have freedom if they really want it. She left a lasting legacy as Moses of the nineteenth century, who brought enslaved people to freedom. Harriet Tubman’s rough, but typical African American childhood contributed to what motivated her to make a difference. Harriet Tubman was born as Arminta Ross in Bucktown Maryland in 1821, about forty years before slavery would be put to an end.…show more content…
(Harriet, web). She was buried with military honors, and flags all over New York were flown at half mast in her honor. The U.S. postal service issued a stamp which was in honor of the stamp she left on American History. Harriet Tubman impacted America as much as she could throughout her whole life. She led the way to freedom for many people, contributed her knowledge and skills to helping her races freedom, and she never stopped doing the little things that helped her community afterwards. She did several great things in her life. She worked with in the Underground Railroad that lead many to freedom, helped in the civil War as a nurse, spy, and scout, as well as helped raise money for black schools and senior homes. Harriet Tubman has left a great, lasting legacy as the conductor of freedom. Inspiring America to never give up hope or their right to freedom. Harriet Tubman did this until the very end of her life, and ended up impacting so many lives for the better. She is surely a hero of change because of the great distances she went to the fight for what is right. Perhaps if more people were like Harriet Tubman, the world would most definitely be an amazing place to
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