How Did Harriet Tubman Show Courage

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Harriet Tubman A Women of Courage Conductor of the Underground Railroad, civil war nurse, and activist are three words that describe Harriet Tubman. Many people know that Harriet Tubman freed many slaves however, that is just the cherry on top of the ice cream. As a well known activist, Harriet Tubman showed the world that a simple slave like herself can help so many people. She left a lasting legacy as a brave and independent women. In Harriet Tubman's early life her parents were an influence on how she escaped slavery and went on to do what she is known for now. However, no one really knows when Harriet Tubman was born because people thought that slaves birth wasn't important. (McDonough 4) Harriet Tubman's mother Harriet Rit wanted Tubman…show more content…
For example, in the civil war she was spy. (web) She was hired on this job because she knew the land well and because no one expected a black women to be working in the civil war. Also, she had inside information on people so this made her good at this job. She inspired people to come out of hiding when they knew she was a spy and making a difference. Being a spy wasn't all Tubman did during the civil war she was a nurse as well. While the civil war was happening Tubman was a nurse for all the injured people. During this time people were being diagnosed with dysentery. Because of this Tubman decided to find a cure and she did. She tested it on a man and slowly he started to get better. (web) With this she saved a lot of lives and helped so many people. Tubman was a nurse for along time and if she would have never volunteered to do that hundreds of people would have died. In around the 1900 Harriet Tubman started to take care of the sick and elderly. She opened up her home to people that fit this description and made sure they were nursed to wealth and were ok. Even in her own home, at Auburn, New York, she helped people get well even when she wasn´t well. (web) This shows how strong she was and that she was able to do
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