How Did Harry Edwards Contribute To Healing

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Harry Edwards, known as « The Great Healer », was born in 1893 in London. Originally, he did not pursue a career in healing. When he was a young man, he did a printing apprenticeship and in 1914, he enlisted to serve during the First World War, and then in Iran (which was called Persia at the time). It was during his service that he first began healing. Many injured and ill locals came to him, despite the fact that he had very minimal training or resources. These patients recovered extraordinarily quickly, and Edwards soon garnered a reputation for his healing powers. He served as a healer during the Second World War, and eventually moved to Stoneleigh in Surrey, where he opened a healing sanctuary in his home. As his practice continued to grow, he founded the « Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary », which is, without a doubt, his greatest contribution to healing. Eventually, his miraculous healings became so famous that he received around 10000 letters per week asking for help or distance healing.…show more content…
A lot of experimental research took place, and by the end of the century, when Edwards was born, a new understanding of biology was coming about, and there was a new emphasis on hygiene, fresh air, and an idea of an invisible contagion. On the flip side, the beginning of the 20th century also brought about the new Pentecostal movement, and by the 1930s, « faith healers » such as Edwards were fairly prevalent. Some of these faith healers came from a solely religious background. Others, however, used magic to pull off these

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