How Did Harry Truman Impact The World?

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Throughout the course of history, important events litter the ground as such common knowledge that the true power of such events becomes masked. So many years deemed crucial to the development of mankind have been written about to the point of deterioration of the stature of the events contained within said years. The unsung heroes, however, are brushed aside as a moot point in the history of the world. 1949 carries one such tune, with events that not only altered history at that point in time, but continue to impact the world today. Harry Truman and the policies he introduced in 1949 continue to shape our social and political worlds. After being sworn into office unexpectedly on April 12, 1945, Truman sought to extend the social programs his predecessor put into action without digging the nation into a post-war recession (“Truman”). Despite making legislative decisions resulting in heavy contestation from his conservative counterparts in office, Truman entertained an undeniably impactful presidency. Truman made plans “for domestic policy reforms including…show more content…
Israel, despite applying to the United Nations as soon as it received its independence, did not become a member until May 11, 1949. The intense conflict between Israel and Palestine is still relevant at the current time. In 2014, Palestine was still not considered an independent state by many countries, only increasing the already intense conflict between Israel and Palestine (Tharoor). In addition, Canada, the United States, and other European nations created the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; throwing America into an entangling alliance our first president warned us about (“Milestones”). Our decision to enter into this alliance set a precedence that the United States finally joined the world stage, and would continue to play an active role in social and political conflicts not only at home, but worldwide as
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