Harry S. Truman's Influence On The Cold War

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Harry S. Truman, the 33rd American President, greatly influenced the development of the Cold War. He earned presidency of the United States in the year 1945, shortly after Roosevelt passed away and two weeks before Adolf Hitler committed suicide. During his 8 years of ruling, Truman believed that communism was not right, which led to tension between the United States and the Soviet Union, also known as the Cold War. Where both Soviet and American policies had divided Europe into a Soviet-controlled bloc in the east and an American-supported grouping in the west. He took the side of those who shared his beliefs. Truman’s main goal was to contain the Soviet Union’s power and keep the U.S on top. The United States was the first country to create…show more content…
When China took Soviets side, Truman added China to his list of enemies. He declared a battle against North Korea, which led to them fighting the Chinese as well. He chose not to fight with nuclear weapons to decrease the chances of a nuclear war. In June 1950, when communist forces from North Korea invaded South Korea, Truman sent in U.S. planes, ships and ground troops to aid the South Koreans. He was able to save South Korea from becoming communists To conclude, Truman significantly impacted the Cold War. Whether positively or negatively is popularly controversial. All his actions come from the conflicts of ideology of how societies should work. Due to his extremes, we can tell that Truman would go to any length necessary to wanting to stay the super power of the world. Due to his extremes, we can tell that Truman would go to any length necessary to He had helped many countries get back on their feet, but also killed many Japanese, Chinese and threatned the Soviets constantly. This Cold War lasted 50 years before someone finally put an end to
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