How Did Henry Ford Affect Society

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Henry Ford has improved the lives of the American middle class more than anyone else. Even though he was not a politician, or a president, he changed more lives than any other person ever has. Looking back at what he has done for the United States, he is the reason the middle class is what it is today. Ford caused America to bridge the economic gap between the rich, and the poor. Not only did he have an effect on society, he has also played a role on helping the country in times of need. Looking at his effect of allowing the average person to own a car, advancing the work force, growing the middle class, creating tourism, and allowing the United States to thrive during World War II, Henry Ford helped the middle class more than anyone. Henry Ford is the reason that the average American had the ability to own a vehicle. Before Ford started making vehicles, cars were a luxury item only owned by doctors and lawyers. Ford began making his Model T using a revolutionary idea, the moving assembly line. Instead of making a car in hours or days, a Model T could be produced in 13 minutes (“Economic Impact”). With this production rate set, Ford set the starting price at $850. This price was significantly cheaper than most cars of the era, which were priced around $2,000. By the early 1920s, the price of a Model T had dropped…show more content…
Henry Ford however, did this to an extent that no one had ever seen or will ever beat. Henry Ford was more than a businessman, he was a person that allowed the United States to become the country that it is today. He is the reason that every man was able to own a car, the middle class was able to thrive, the workforce was advanced, the US could survive WWII, and that tourism was able to become a business in the US. Henry Ford has simply changed America in a way that no one else ever has or will with his effect on the middle
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