How Did Henry Ford Affect The Economy In The 1920s

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1920s Automobiles
Henry Ford was one of the most powerful industrialists in America. Ford revolutionized the American automobile industry but he did not invent the car, many were built way before his time. Their were many types of cars built like steam powered cars, electric etc. Ford decided to use combustion engines to power a car. So by doing that, he made cars useable as well as affordable. The Automobile industry boomed, effectively changing the economy in both the United States and the world.
Henry Ford was born on July 30th, 1863 in Greenfield Township, Michigan. Ford’s father gave him a watchpiece in his early teens. When he was 15, Ford took apart and reassembled watches for the local neighbors and family. He gained the reputation
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Social by at first only the rich being able to buy one. “Society is concerned with the relations of technology to science, politics and economic change” (A&E) and Ford’s developments really changed society. But as years went on the cars being more affordable for everyone. Boosted would be an understatement for what the automobile did for the economy. Sales rocketed like nothing before. Taxes on roads were being put into place as well as tax on gas increasing to about a dollar a year. Cars being manufactured in Europe were made so cheaply but the US took over the manufacturing of cars is caused a great political view for the US. Ford utilized the assembly line to make his production faster and his prices lower…show more content…
The automobile became extremely popular fast because of the ability to travel places quickly. It mostly boomed after WW1 when many soldiers were coming back from war that had money and as well as the women because they took over jobs during the war. The automobile even helped the US in their war effort by developing the jeep to travel while at war. For this reason the Ford Motor Company began “Growing during the boom period after WWI” (Impact). Ford gave families the opportunity to travel cheap, far and quick. Families flocked to his Model T and later, his Model A for the opportunity to explore. Ford provided a huge boost to the economy after the war because the US was fairly in debt from the war effort (and from the devastating effects of the great depression). Ford provided jobs and consumer products that stimulated the economy, once again increasing the value of the dollar
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