How Did Henry Ford Change America

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Henry Ford: The Innovation of America Through the creation of the first Ford car the Model T and the first assembly line, Henry Ford was able to revolutionize two different industries by himself that have had a positive impact on The United States and other countries around the world to this day. Born on July 30th, 1863 in Greenfield, Michigan, Henry Ford didn’t realize one day he would change the world for the better in terms of two different industries, with the first Ford car the Model T created in 1908, and went on to develop the assembly line mode of production. With the combination of both of these ideas, he found a need in the economy for a cheaper car and set off with that idea. As a result of this, Ford sold millions of his cars and became world famous and Ford grew along with it. The company steadily continued this trend for quite some time and has to this day. When Henry was a child, he was given a pocket watch by his father, in which he took apart and reassembled. With…show more content…
Before Ford created a cheaper, more affordable car for the American people, Charles Edgar Duryea had created a car only affordable for the wealthy, not many Americans were as fortunate to be able to buy a car and it was considered a luxury to have. When Ford created the Model T, it changed the way cars were priced. The American people now had more options of cars to choose from so companies in the automobile business had to lower their prices to compete. As in this quote (Jim Luke, par. 7) “ With his invention of the assembly line, it allowed other industries to adopt this idea and decrease their production costs. This allowed the average American the ability to live a better life and be able to afford more than they would have before.” If Ford would have not done this cars may not have been as huge of a success for another 10-25
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