How Did Henry Ford Contribute To Civilization

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Introduction Civilizations’ creative accomplishments and their contributions to the arts are what define their culture. An established civilization will only progress naturally if they introduce a new creative element that is beneficial to society. Throughout time, the arts evolve into many categories that allow for unique contributions, and some of the greatest contributions to modern civilization originate in Detroit. Many great artists and innovators also originate in Detroit, but one man who had a tremendous impact on civilization is the great Henry Ford. Henry Ford 's name is popular all around the world, but his big name started in a very small place. Before Ford started his own business, he was working for the famous Thomas Edison at Edison Illuminating Company, but Ford 's attention was back to his shed behind his house. It was there that Ford found himself working on his own project the Quadricycle. The Quadricycle was the first automobile that Ford had invented and it consisted of four bicycle wheels, a metal frame, and a gasoline engine. Although this may not seem significant now, it was motivation enough for Ford to leave his position with Edison and begin working…show more content…
The experience while driving the Model T was a mostly comfortable experience. Even though the car was cheap, people did not buy the car with that being the only factor. The Model T had many characteristics that set it apart from the other cars of it 's time. First, the resistance during the drive was far beyond what most people imagined. The frame of the automobile was composed Vanadium Steel, which made the car flexible and extremely durable, and the shock resisting tires and springs incorporated in the Model T made driving the car feel like a dream. The Model T also incorporated a three point system to allow the car to have sudden changes in direction-which was an amazing component to a moving vehicle. Along with this, the cushioned seats helped make up for the awful roads during this
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