How Did Henry Ford Revolutionized America's Society

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Henry Ford Henry Ford played a very important role in America’s society. Ford revolutionized America’s assembly line and the production process for the automobiles. Ford’s company helped the war efforts during World War II by producing tanks, jeeps, and other vehicles for the U.S. Army. Henry not only produced the Model T automobile, he also made it affordable for the great multitude of Americans. Ford was also labeled one of the greatest businessman of his time. Henry Ford played a vital role in America’s society in countless ways. In 1908 Henry Ford’s company produced the first Model T at their Piquette Avenue plant in Detroit. From 1908 to 1927 Henry produced a little over 15 million Models T’s. This production run was the longest of any automobile run in history, until the Volkswagen…show more content…
Ford founded that it was much easier for the line to move while the workers were stationary. This made it so his employees could perfect one specific job that they were good at. The assembly line cut the time to make a car form 12 hours to two hours and 30 min. Henry produced so many cars his prices could be lowered in 1908 the Model or the “Tin Lizzie” costed $850 and was cut to less than $300 in 1925. The assembly since then has helped many factories in mass production all around the United States. In my eyes Henry Ford was an American Hero. He made it possible for people to travel across the country efficiently. As a “self-made millionaire”, Henry Ford definitely has made his mark in history as a pioneer. He brought forth industrial progress to many people, as an industrialist and a skillful manager. He efficiently made it possible for the mass production of motor vehicles. Ford made the vehicles affordable to the American people. Henry Ford was a man who embodied numerous Hero-like characteristics. In other words, you could call him an “American hero” as Henry was viewed by many American
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