How Did Hitler Affect The Lives Of Jewish People

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Adolf Hitler was the leader of the German Nazi party during WWII. His leadership style was a dictatorship because he was solely in control. Hitler discriminated against the Jewish people because he blamed them for all of Germany 's problems. He had so much hatred for the Jews he wanted them to be non existent. Adolf Hitler had so much power during the holocaust that he tragically destroyed the lives of Jewish people. The first way Adolf Hitler tragically destroyed the lives of the Jewish people is by making life very hard for the Jewish people in the country of Germany. Adolf Hitler made life so hard that he and his Nazi’s decided to kill them just because he did not like them. Within no time, Hitler and his Nazi’s had six million people…show more content…
After thinking long and hard, they came up with a plan in which they planned to kill all of the Jewish people. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi troops strategically came up with horrible ways to ensure this happened. The first strategy hitler and his Nazi troops came up with was called “concentration camps.” Concentration camps are also known as special death camps. When these camps were first built they tricked people into believing that the camps were a place where the Jewish people would work. Only the luckiest individuals became slaves. Unfortunately, some of these people lost their lives to starvation. Others tragically died from the poisoned gas chambers within the camps that looked as if they were showers. From there, they were taken away and burned. Luckily, there were many people against Hitler 's wrong doings and wanted to help the Jewish people. The Europeans thankfully knew that the camps were actually death camps. The Europeans were able to help the Jews often by hiding them, giving them false documentation, and then helping them escape. It was challenging to live during the time especially for the
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