How Did Hitler Cause The Holocaust

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Out of the two world wars, World War II is known to be the bloodiest and brutal war. The main reason this is to believed is because to the Holocaust. The Holocaust was the time period where many were persecuted for their beliefs and race. Hitler is who is to blame for the Holocaust, he is the one who organized all the horrific things done to the people who did not fall under his Master Race. Despite the many theories about the purpose of the Holocaust, the real purpose make those who weren’t members of the Master Race fear the Nazi Regime, to force them to obey the Nazi’s without question. Many believe that the Nazis were the cause and started World War II. These people believe that the Nazis are to be held responsible for the holocaust and the many…show more content…
The persecuted would be sent to transit camps to be herded and sorted through before being sent to another camp, mostly concentration or death camps. In labor camps the prisoners were forced to work hours on end, with little food in return. Any people they captured of the opposition in the war would be sent to prisoner-of-war camps. Here they were made to work just as in labor camps. Concentration camps you basically do everything the Nazis say or you are punished. Whether is be to do labor for hours on end, or stand for 24 hours without falling(“Concentration Camps”). The vast system of these camps was the production of death and torture on a enormous scale. Lastly, death camps are when they bring a group of people and mass murder them. The most commonly known way to do this was gas chambers(“Concentration Camps”). With these death camps, Hitler could have wiped out all the population that wasn’t the Master Race. To “cleanse” the Earth. Instead he had made all the camps listed above, to use people through inflicting pain and
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