Master Race Holocaust

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Out of the two world wars, World War II is known to be the bloodiest and brutal war. The main reason this is to believed is because to the Holocaust. The Holocaust was the time period where many were persecuted for their beliefs and race. Hitler is who is to blame for the Holocaust, he is the one who organized all the horrific things done to the people who did not fall under his Master Race. Despite the many theories about the purpose of the Holocaust, the real purpose make those who weren’t members of the Master Race fear the Nazi Regime, to force them to obey the Nazi’s without question.
Many believe that the Nazis were the cause and started World War II. These people believe that the Nazis are to be held responsible for the holocaust
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They would mow down row upon row of shivering, half naked adults, and smash the heads of babies with a show of pity or remorse(Wistrich). The psychological effect on those who lived during the Holocaust are beyond any superficial description.
Hitler mainly targeted the Jewish population because he defined Jews as a race not a religion. For the period of 12 years million of Jews lived under the Nazi power and it persecution towards them. They held the highest population in all and every camp. In retaliation to Jews for killing a German policeman in self defense on July 31, 1940 the nazis carried out a public mass execution(“Holocaust”). This day was later named “Bloody Wednesday”.They were tortured by anxiety, were insecure of the present, torn between hope and despair, and felt helpless.
There were many people who were persecuted during the Holocaust that weren’t Jewish: spouses of Jews, Roma Gypsies, resisters, priests and pastor, Jehovah Witnesses, political enemies, homosexuals, the disabled, and African-German descent. Spouses of Jews had to choose between getting a divorce or being sent to concentration camps along with their Jewish Spouse. Many husbands and wives of Jews died during the
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