How Did Hitler Cause Ww2

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World War 2 started on 3 September 1939. Although there were many cause for the war, like the failure of the Treaty of Versailles, threat of communism, and appeasement. Hitler and the Nazi party were the main cause, they were linked with all other causes, making them stand out as the ‘main cause’. Everything that had happened after World War 1; the Treaty of Versailles, the Great Depression, Communism and Fascism, all helped Hitler gain trust from the Germans, as he said he would ‘make Germany great again’. Starting another world war within 20 years of the ‘war that was meant to end all wars’. Hitler was born on 20 April, 1889, in Braunau Am Inn, Austria. When World War 1 started, Hitler was enraged and signed up for the Bavarian army. He had many near- death experiences, such as being wounded, and being temporarily blind. For his bravery, he was awarded two Iron Crosses. While Hitler was recovering from his injuries after the war, communism was starting to become popular, which he hated. Some Jews were leaders of the communist groups, which encouraged his disgust for Jews and Communists. After the war, Hitler was asked to join a military intelligence unit, where he kept tabs on the German Worker’s Party. Hitler built up the party, changing…show more content…
Hitler struggled to get Germany’s trust. The conditions of Germany at the time made it easier. After World War 1, Germany was searching for change, a leader who will help them rise to power. Hitler was the leader they wanted. In 1932, Hitler tried to become president. Although he won a strong support of Germans, Hitler lost to Hindenburg, with Hitler having about 33% of the votes. Instead, he was given the role of a Chancellor, which is second in power. In 1934, President Hindenburg died, leaving Hitler to take the role. He then declared Germany a dictatorship. Persuading through groups, not
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