How Did Hitler Corrupt German Youth

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How Hitler Corrupted German Youth Imagine you are a 13 year old German girl in the year 1936. Your birthday is next week, and you 'll be 14 years old.Soon you 'll be in the League of German Girls.This is how it was for German children. Life was very different for children much like us during WWII. People thought of the Hitler Youth as different things, but really it was just a way for Hitler to gain more soldiers. The Hitler Youth was strongly based on an earlier German youth group called the Wandervögel, which means “Migratory Bird”(“The Hitler Youth”). Even when the Nazis were still somewhat new, everyone knew what was expected of them. According to the History Learning Site, Hitler said,”The weak must be chiselled away. I want…show more content…
This was a time when men went to work and fought in wars while the women sat back and did the housework , so that’s what the Hitler Youth taught the children to do. Hitler Youth consisted of 10 to 18 year old children(“Hitler Youth Movement - History Learning Site”,2015). There were two separate youth groups for boys and girls; Boys trained to be future nazi soldiers and fight in the war, while girls were prepared for future motherhood(“Hitler Youth Movement - History Learning Site”,2015). At ten years boys would go into the German Young People. Then they would progress into the Hitler Youth when they turned 13. Ten year old girls, however ,would be in the League of Young Girls. And when they turned 14 they would be in the League of German Girls(“Hitler Youth Movement - History Learning Site”,2015). Boys in the youth had to do marching bayonet drills, pistol shooting, ect. They also had to know how to get under a barbed wire fence(“Hitler Youth Movement - History Learning Site”,2015). Girls were required to run 60 meters in just 14 seconds, throw a ball at least 12 meters, march for 2 hours straight, swim for 100 meters, and know how to make a bed(“Hitler Youth Movement - History Learning
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