How Did Hitler Created The T4 Program

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During the 1930’s-1940’s Hitler was named leader of Nazi Germany. During this time, he wanted to create the perfect human race. In his quest to create the perfect race Hitler founded the T4 program. The program that was created was to kill anyone who was deemed unfit for society. The doctors executing the order believed it was a mercy killing. In many cases the public and doctors supported the T4 program. The creation of the of the T4 program was what laid the groundwork for the final solution. The T4 program was ordered by Hitler on September 1, 1939 to get rid of the people who didn’t help society. Hitler tasked the program to Dr. Karl Brandt and Chancellery chief Philipp Bouhler to create the T4 program. (br). The T4 program literal name is an abbreviation for Tiergartenstrasse 4, it’s a location in Berlin (Berenbaum). The program was designed as a way for Nazi Germany to get rid of burdensome lives…show more content…
The use of the gas for the mass execution of the people deemed unfit for society. The T4 program research towards mass killing is what was later used for the concentration. They created a gas similar to what they use in concentration camps using a substance similar to Zyklon B. Using bottled carbon monoxide placed in vans. The van was labeled Kaiser’s Coffee Company to appear as nothing was out of the normal was occurring (Introduction to Nazi Euthanasia). The final solution logistics were even worked out by using the T4 program as their test run. They even decided what to do with the bodies after they were murdered. To conclude, the creation of the T4 program was critical towards Hitler’s goal of creating the ideal human race. The T4 program in many cases was regarded as something that could help Germany. The thought of murdering people never crossed any of the doctor’s minds. In many respects the T4 program was what preparing Nazi Germany for the final
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