How Did Hitler Gain Power

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Hearing the name Hitler, reminds people of the terrible things that he did to people, mostly those who practice Judaism. People think of him as a troubled man with disturbing thoughts of world domination. They remember how he started a global war to take over Europe in order to create a whole new nation with his perfect Aryan Race or Master Race. Hitler rose to power through, manipulation, ambition, propaganda, and through being a good speaker. All through by promising his people that he’ll restore Germany to its former glory. As every crisis occur, there would be one person who will have an idea and would do whatever it takes to get there and secure their power. It all begin, when the Allies made a successful advance on the Germans making the war for them unwinnable. “Germany had to sign a treaty (Treaty of Versailles) in which they lose their land, reduce their army to 100k, and had full responsibility for the war, since Austria…show more content…
“How did the Nazis gain power?, They printed so much money, that they had become useless and was found in the streets and some would sweep them into sewer drain, kids would make stacks of money, and buying food is way too much to have around. This sudden drop of value in currency is called Hyperinflation and Germany was desperate to pay back the war reparation. As Germany accepted the cause of WW1 and had to pay for war reparations, then “In 1929, the Great Depression happened. It led to American banks withdrawing their loans from Germany, and the already struggling German economy collapse overnight. Hitler took advantage of the people’s anger, offering them convenient scapegoats and a promise to restore Germany to their former greatness.” (Gendler Alex, Hazard Anthony, How did Hitler rise to Power?, YouTube). This overwhelming event, strengthens Hitler’s support with people calling for a stronger leader that will not let Germany down but put Germany to their former
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