How Did Hitler Gain Power?

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Nowadays people ask themselves how it was possible for WW2 and the Holocaust to happen and why the Nazis and Hitler became so very powerful and successful. To answer that question one has to take a look at how they managed to seize power during the inter war years and the events that took place. In his propaganda speech in front of the Reichstag in April 1939 Hitler claimed having singlehandedly accomplished the rise of the Nazi party with the words: “I have accomplished all this, as one who 21 years ago was still an unknown worker and soldier of my people, by my own efforts…” (Ian Kershaw, The Führer Myth: How Hitler won over the German People). Since there were a lot of components which led to Hitler becoming Chancellor on January 30th 1933 and a lot of people who the Nazi party was dependent on, it seems quite…show more content…
Therefore I want to prove in the following section that it wasn’t just Hitler who made his chancellorship possible by explaining several important aspects which lead to his success in 1933. In my opinion there are three relevant components which helped Hitler gain power and finally become chancellor of Germany. They include the historic events and the situation after WWI, the organisation of the Nazi party and the people who worked for Hitler and his ideals and obviously Hitler himself, what he represented and how he touched so very many people. To get an image of the situation in Germany after WWI, taking a look at how Germans
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