How Did Hitler Implement The Holocaust

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Adolf Hitler and the Nazis passed laws and legislation that helped implement the Holocaust by creating special legislation that benefit the Nazis, affecting and breaking down the minorites, and eventually being able to mass murder these minorities in concentration camps. More specifically, Jews and Gypsies. Some of their methods were creating propaganda to throw dirt, guilt and shade on the Jews and Gypsies, create laws or legislation that prevented the minorities from doing much and stripped them of their natural rights, and even advancing the technologies of their methods to systematically mass murder the minorities. All three methods were used to implement the Holocaust. I will focus on the legislation created against minorities because this will clearly present how the Nazis were able to commit murder without penalty in Germany.

From 1933 to 1939 there were many laws and legislation created inorder to hurt and affect Jews in a very negative way. On March 31,
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That law passed prevented any Jewish man or woman from being a doctor. On April 7, a law for the Reestablishment of the Professional Civil Service removes Jews from government service. This law prevents Jews from working in or for Germany's government. On July 14 a de-naturalization law revokes the citizenship of naturalized Jews and “undesirables.” This is a key fact because this is the law passed that meant that Jews were not natural citizens therefore do not have the same rights as natural citizens. On September 15, 1935, Nazi leaders announce the Nuremberg Laws. The Nuremberg Laws were laws that revoked citizenship from jews and prevented jews from having sexual affairs with people of German blood. On April 9,
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