How Did Hitler Influence His Government

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Adolf Hitler: Hitler was the ruthless ruler of Germany and the Third Reich, which set out to conquer Europe and destroy the Jews. Hitler had not always had dreams of being in control; in his early life Hitler wanted to be an artist. After realizing his dream of becoming an artist would not come true, Hitler applied to the German Army. Applying to the German Army was the beginning of what Hitler would be known for throughout his life. When he applied to the German Army this was only the beginning to his rise to power.After being accepted into the army and being apart of it for a few years, Hitler was trying to work his way up to higher positions. Hitler had a reason for doing this, back in 1918 Germany surrender the war and Hitler became less patriotic towards his country and blamed Jewish…show more content…
He even modified the Enabling Act, which gave his cabinet full legislative powers for four years and allowed deviations from the constitution. Hitler had gained full control over the legislative and executive branches of government. Since he had control, Hitler’s Nazi Party was declared the only legal political party in Germany. Hitler now can begin his rage and he starts with punishing the military opposition. Demands and Hitler’s decisions soon resulted in the Night of Long Knives. The Night of Long Knives was a purge taken out in Germany when the Nazi regime carried out a series of political ex-judicial executions. The Night of Long Knives began on June 30 and lasted until July 2, 1934. All of Hitler’s political enemies were gathered and killed during that time period. Shortly after these events took place, in August Hidenburg was pronounced deceased. A day before Hinderburg’s death the cabinet established a law stating that the president and chancellor had combined powers. This allowed Hitler to become the head of state and head of government. As head of state, Hitler now has control over the armed forces. Hitler immediately began to prepare and mobilize
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