How Did Hitler Influence The Nazi Party

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Adolf Hitler did not live for a very long life, but during his time he took a nation that was in an economic depression and rose into power to rebuild Germany. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party which contributed many things to Germany and impacted many of the Germans not only socially, but also politically. Hitler grew as a great leader and gained many followers over time as he grew more and more people started listening to him because he persuaded people with his speeches.The Nazi organized a lot of cultural activities to encourage the Germans to support Hitler, the aim was to shape the minds of Germans to think like a Nazi. Hitler had a big social impact in Germany for example, Hitler wanted a dominant race so he created extermination camps to…show more content…
By Hitler influencing the youth it would help the Nazi Party gain more support because the youth was hope for the future.The political and economic disorganization in the postwar led to the rise of new political parties. One of these parties was the Nazi party and Hitler was one of the party's first recruits. Hitler was put into power and the Nazi Party had complete power over Germany, anything what Hitler wanted was passed easily through the power of this government. Many people were desperate and the people wanted someone to lead them and help them recover after the war. Hitler's political policies were unfair, but the German people saw a greater political stability in Hitler which gave Hitler more support and was able to gain power. Hitler was such a great leader, by 1940 the German army was rebuilt and Adolf Hitler was bent on conquest.Hitler contributed in many ways that’s what made him a great leader. Also with many supporters he was able to change many things during his time. All the changes and aspects of hitter made him one of the greatest leaders for
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