How Did Hitler Judge The Good

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One of your major points has been that we as a society, or human beings for that matter, should not be the judges of others. We should acknowledge the "good" along with the "bad". First of all, do you even personally know DEadSpaCE211? I may be wrong, but by your comments, I wasn 't under the impression that you do. Frankly, nothing in the comments listed above alludes to you having the ability to judge them "for smoking weed, for getting drunk with your dumb friends, for cursing like some peasant, for having some crappy job no one cares about, for not being able to get laid, and for being generally a failure as a human being in the 21st century." Unless you do know them have witnessed their past behavior, you 're right. Judging them would be wrong, by prejudging them without knowing the individual, or being prejudice. No one is saying that Hitler wasn 't charismatic & he was brilliant in how he was able to completely transform an entire country into accepting that he was a Savior from Providence. He was able to convince them that they were the so-called "Master Race" over the entire planet. He…show more content…
He also was a genius figuring out the most important thing to do was indoctrinate the children. Starting from day one, Germany 's children were taught that they were superior to the rest of the world & the other races and the disabled, mentally ill, etc. really didn 't have a right to live. You state that you try to approach the world in an objective manner, & feel that judging Hitler & the Nazi Regime on only the bad & not the good qualities they possessed would be wrong, but realize that they would be the 1st to judge you if they thought you had something in your closet they didn 't like, including a defeatist attitude. He judged his own countrymen, even though they had pledged their lives to him, not to their country, but to him specifically. At the end of the war, he stated that they deserved to have their country destroyed because they didn 't fight hard enough to win
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