How Did Hitler Kill Jews

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Hated. Isolated. Killed. For many long years under Hitler’s power, Jews were snatched from their homes and murdered. In 12 years about six million Jews were killed. For 12 years they were buried alive. For 12 they were burned to death. For 12 years they were starved. For 12 years they were experimented on. For 12 years. But why? What was the cause of all this hatred towards Jews?
Hitler had a harsh opinion of Jews that turned his hate into an obsession. Many historians believe that the reasons behind his anti-Semitism prove that he was an insane man who blamed Jews for all the evil in the world. Hitler’s belief led to the Holocaust that killed millions of people after World War I. One of the biggest theory of why Hitler hated Jews, was because he believed them to be the cause of Germany’s loss in WWI. Hitler believes Jews were behind the ultimate victory of the Allies.
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This wasn’t true but many people believed him. In early 1933, Jews were being discriminated against. Nazi’s stopped Germans from shopping in any shop that was owned by a Jew, trying to make them become bankrupt. This was because of the belief that Jews were the cause of Germany’s economic problems after the First World
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