How Did Hitler Survive The Children Of Children Essay

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From 1939 to 1945, the Nazis hunted and threatened with death all Jews children in the countries occupied by the Nazi army. When the Nazis came to power, the Jewish children became victims of anti-Semitic laws.
During the War, 80% of Jew’s children, survived thanks to friends who hide them, neighbors or family members or by the resistance organizations.
Many of them found refuge in the homes of non-Jewish people, others hidden in convent and colleges' boarding schools. Several of them wander through forests and villages, looking for food and relying on their own ingenuity and initiative. Live with false names or identities disguised and often hidden from the outside world.
Numerous Jews children survived the Shoah due to
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The German authorities and their collaborators punished those who helped the Jews and offered rewards to people.
Throughout the history of western civilization, it had never seen that the children were the prey of a systematic manhunt. During the Holocaust, this crime, organized by the Nazis and carried out in France with the collaboration of the Vichy Government.
No one in Europe could have imagined the terror that the regime Nazi, inflicted upon Jews' children. However, there were several courageous individuals in France and throughout Europe, which endangered their own lives to hide and save these children.
The children who lived in hiding during the War are the last Holocaust survivors.
Only in France more than 10.000 thousand Jews children abandoned, and to escape the Gestapo compelled to hide and housed by tens of thousands of people of goodwill.
Save Jew children during the Holocaust required setting up in France an immense strategy and logistics. Children rescue was possible thanks the experience of this, the enthusiasm and the faith of others. The spontaneous effort and an enormous feeling of solidarity that everywhere in France exhausted by the War encouraged the French to save the
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