How Did Hitler Use Cruel Experiments In Ww2

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World War II began on September 1, 1939. This was the day that Germany invaded Poland, which led France and Britain to declare war on Hitler 's Nazi state in retaliation. Many people know who
Adolf Hitler was, and his beliefs on the human race. How there is only one perfect type of person which was blonde hair and blue eyes. This was his ideal of perfection of Germans. He tortured Jews and kept them in concentration camps to meet there doom. Many families where split up away from their loved ones, but they still had hope that they would be alive and that they will see each other in the end of the war. But in this fact most were wrong. Adolf Hitler was one of the most diabolical human beings to have ever existed on this planet; people know that he killed Jews. He hated them with ever part of his being, but people do not realize that he did human experimentation on them. This was also happening with the Japanese. The countries that were causing the up roar committed acts of cruel experiments on other human beings. While they were begging for their lives and for
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They were forced to be pregnant for experiment use only. The scientists wanted to see if the transfer of diseases happened between mother to fetus or child during the pregnancy, typically syphilis. This was a stated reason for torture. Fetal survival and damage to the mother 's reproductive organs were the objects of interest. Even though there was a large amount of babies born in Unit 731, there is no account of any survivors from the facility, children included. It is said that the children of the female prisoners were killed or the pregnancies were terminated. Male prisoners were often used in single studies, so the results would not be clouded from other variables. But female prisoners would undergo in bacteriological or physiological experiments, sex experiments, and the victims of sex
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