How Did Hobbes Influence The Laws Of Human Nature

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1. As the people became more curious about the world around them, some brilliant people began o dig for answers and eventually found them. The various people involved established and brought forward new discoveries. The newly found scientific discoveries impacted many people. The accomplishments of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton motivated the social contrast theorists to investigate about the laws of human nature. The social contrast theorist realized that there was a possibility of discovering unidentified laws of human nature just like the laws of planetary motion. Firstly, Hobbes considers that man are in state in which man fight against man in a chaotic environment for survival. Hobbes describes that a life without a government is dreadful and short for everyone living in it. Secondly, Hobbes states that man leaves his state of non-governance for the desire of more ordered and secure environment. Thirdly, Hobbes describes that when a person enters a social contract, the social contrast is between the people and they use their power to choose a ruler. Fourthly and most importantly, the people give up their power to a supreme ruler for security and order.…show more content…
He was greatly influenced by the scientific discoveries. In addition, he researched and interpreted his own way how the laws of human nature should be view by all human beings. Firstly, he describes that the life of people before government is sufficiently pleasant but doesn’t have any security. Secondly, He states that people leave their state of non-governance to safeguard their property and to secure their rights. Thirdly, the social contract is between the people and a chosen form of government. Fourthly, the power is kept in the people’s hands and don’t give it up to a ruler like in Hobbes
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