How Did Hoover Influence Martin Luther King Jr

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It was over fifty years ago when the “wrestling match” between FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. began. It was a long and really big feud which took place over many years. It was a stupid feud just like the feud from in Romeo and Juliet and could have been easily avoided. The feud began when the FBI started monitoring King after he took place in a bus boycott in 1955. Right away Hoover did not like King and thought he was influenced by communists. Hoover lost even more respect for King when he called the FBI completely ineffective in resolving the mayhem inflicted upon the negroes in the south. King then came in contact with communists which gave Hoover a reason to spy on him. Hoover set up wiretaps…show more content…
King then replied that he could only have sympathy for Hoover and that he wants to set up a meeting with. Sources from inside the meeting said it went well and they both acted respectfully and with no hostility.The worst part of the feud was when the FBI sent King a video of him carousing in Washington D.C. and a letter telling him to commit suicide to avoid public embarrassment and harassment. King ignored the message and continued to lead the Civil Rights Movement. Over the years Hoover constantly ran covert operations against King. The feud ended when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. The FBI even launched a full scale investigation to find out who killed King. So after all that the feud accomplished nothing and nothing bad came out of it. The feud between King and Hoover could have easily been avoided. One way it could have been avoided was if the FBI never stared monitoring King and left him alone. If they did not monitor him, Hoover would have never became interested in him. Another way it could have been avoided was if they worked out an agreement at the meeting King set up. If there was an agreement maybe they would of became friends and worked together. In my own opinion the feud between Martin Luther King Jr. and J. Edgar Hoover was silly, worthless and made no impact to anyone after it ended. That is how it could have easily been
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