How Did Hoover Solve The Great Depression

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The 1930’s not only brought the discovery of pluto to the US, but also the horror and fear of the great depression. The Great Depression was the worst depression in american history and still today people fear it may happen again. The 1930’s was a very hectic time for the United States. In the beginning of the depression Herbert Hoover was president. Although president Hoover was not necessarily a bad president, his time in office was plagued with the idea that he could not solve the great depression. It would be a long 3 years for President Hoover and his legacy would not be his humanitarian efforts during WWI, but his failure has a problem solver during the Great Depression. In 1933 FDR was elected president based off his promises of a New…show more content…
Although some new deal programs were failures, for example the Agricultural Adjustment Act, the majority of programs were succes like the Securities and Exchange Commission. This was designed to police stock markets. “Stock markets henceforth were to operate more as trading marts and less as gambling casinos” (American Pageant 791). This quote helps show that the SEC did what it was made to do and made sure stock markets were used how they should be. Another example of a program that was successful is the Federal Art Project. This program employed many performers, artists and writers who had no job. “The Federal Arts Program gave money to put thousands of writers, artists, actors and musicians to work...”(Zinn 403). This helps show that the Federal Arts Program was a success because it achieved its goal of putting people involved with the arts to work. The New Deal also achieved its main goal, reducing the unemployment…show more content…
According to Alan Brinkley, “...and in some cities as much as seventy-five percent”(The New Deal, Then and Now). This quote helps show how high the unemployment rate was in some cities and how big of a problem unemployment was. One example of how much the New Deal helped lower the unemployment is from the book, A People's History of the United States. “The New Deal had succeeded in reducing unemployment from 13 million to 9 million”(Zinn 402). This quote shows that the New Deal affected the unemployment rate and lowered it by 4 million. Which means that 4 million people acquired jobs because of the New Deal. Finally, one successful program created by the New Deal really helped unemployment, the WPA. This program was, “an extraordinarily successful method of state-sponsored economic development”(The Hundred Days and Beyond: What did the New Deal Accomplish?). This quote shows that the WPA was successful in economic development. The WPA gave jobs to the people to help build up the infrastructure which is why it was successful economically. This also means that the WPA was very successful because it gave a lot of people

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