How Did Huck Finn Change

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn takes place in a fictional town by Missouri before the Civil War. It’s based on how Huck, the main character, escapes his “civilized” life with a runaway slave named Jim. Throughout their trip, Huck’s character changes a lot. He is faced with many challenges and conflicts that helped develop and change his morality throughout the novel. You can really see how Huck changed from the beginning of the book to how he was at the end. The overbroad view of how he changed was his maturity. His morality developed on the different decisions he made while traveling with Jim to freedom. The book shows how Huck and Jim have to cooperate and work together to get away from the town. Their relationship at the beginning was very different than the one at the end. At the beginning,…show more content…
Watson’s property. At first, he referred to Jim as a nigger. In the story it said, “Miss Watson’s big nigger […] we could see him pretty clear, because there was a light behind him.” (Twain 4) This showed how much care and respect he had for Jim in the beginning of the story. He saw his as property and nothing else. Slowly as the book went on he started to get along with Jim. When he met him on Jackson’s island they had to work together to find food for themselves. Huck’s relationship with Jim slowly progressed when Huck promised not to snitch on him. In the story it said, “Well, I did. I said I wouldn’t, and I’ll stick to it.” (Twain 43) Huck has more respect for Jim since they have gotten to know each other more since they are both escaping society. When Huck finds out that Jim was sold you can clearly see Huck really cares for Jim and his safety. Huck decides to go find Jim and save him. Huck’s decision would decide their fates. If he writes to Miss Watson, Jim will return to being a slave, and Huck will be exposed
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