How Did Immigration Affect America

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Immigration the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. Immigrants learn new cultures and adapt to different customs. Immigrants were looked upon differently ause of their appearance and their cultures. The Effect of Immigration on America throughout time and history, immigration has affected people in numerous ways. It has brought new cultures and traditions, and had even mixed both with the Native Americans, which ties into people being brought together and accepting others culture. Without immigration, the thirteen colonies may never have formed, meaning the United States of America may not be present today. Different types of sources of information like documentations and type of books like “plymouth plantation” and “Mother Tongue” explain my statement. My statement is, immigrants learn new cultures, create their own way of living or confort, adapt to different customs and were looked upon differently in appearance and their cultures.
The most important cultures as pilgrims in Plymouth Plantation was their religious beliefs their desire to explore unknown lands, their rejection of European culture and values, their desire to convert other people to their way of life. These culture of theirs as
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He also wanted to discuss all the struggles they went through just so they could have religious freedom; not to mention, how they prospered when they made peace with the Indians living on the land. There for all this document is telling us is how hard it was for newcomer to fid in. The main aim of the study is to point out of cultural racism that is present all over the world. Amy Tan, the author of the book Mother Tongue, wanted to use her writing skills and opportunity through this book to make readers realize how not being a native American, as she and her mother were not, can pamper how a person deals with day-to-day
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