How Did Immigration Changed America

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Immigration changed America in a lot of ways. Immigration has brought new cultures to America. I think immigration brings trade to America. Immigration changed America in so many different ways. If we didn’t have immigration, then I don’t think we would be where we're at with technology today. If we didn’t have faced or welling immigration most people wouldn’t be here today. People seen America as a great place to start a new life. They came looking for new land to conquer for their country. It wasn’t that mine families that would risk their lives coming to the new world. It wasn’t a lot of people that meant it to the new world. Most of them died on the way over to the new world (like in of Plymouth plantation). But when the immigration got to America they fell upon their knee and blessed the God of heaven. But they didn’t know living off the land would be so hard. When winter came they had very little food (like in the lost county of Roanoke). They started eating their dogs to stay alive the winter months. When the English people first came to the new world the Native America tried to help the English people learn how to live off the land. At first the English people were living off of the land with the help of the Native American people. When the English people first came to the new…show more content…
They had to eat their own dogs just to stay alive. They took down their house they were living in and took them with them. The only they left behind was a crate with books and pictures in it. Someone came looking for the county, but the only they see was footprints in the sand. They said that the county wasn’t here anymore cause the English people always have on shoes they never walk around barefoot. They keep looking around to see if the English was still there they found and word carved in a tree. They said if they were to ever leave the island they were going to put a cross over the places they were going to show a sign of

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