World War 1 Conflict Analysis

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Conflicts ranged from internal rebellions to full out world wars. Before the year 1914, there was somewhat peace around the world, in which the West believed that their influence only had positive effects since they were educating the inferior barbarians of the world. However, even though the world wanted to be at peace, nationalism and the focus of Western power and imperialism stopped them. For example, the Olympics may have begun as international athletic entertainment, but it soon turned into a huge competition. Not only was this a sign that the world did not cooperate with each other, but it was also another sign that explained why the nations did not meet frequently at the World Court, which was made to solve arguments. There were many arguments between key European nations, such as Britain, France, Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary. They eventually split into two groups. Germany was a major threat to the world, especially when World War II broke out, but this is discussed…show more content…
Russia and France were against this, however. At France, the more western side, Germany was against France and Britain. At Russian Poland, the more eastern side, Germany, also helping Austria-Hungary, was against the Russians. Italy joined France and Britain because of a promise of some land at Austria and the Middle East, but they did not get as much as they had wanted. The world war began in Europe, but it also spread to the world. For example, British areas, such as Canada, Austria, and New Zealand, became British allies. The United States, however, was undecided since they could not decide which side was just. On the other hand, they were able to profit since they sold goods and developed markets since Europe was distracted. The United States also did give some help to Britain. They were more on their side before the war, and they entered the war on Britain’s side when the Germans messed up some of their ships. This caused the United States to send some men to the West versus
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