How Did Imperialism Affect World War 1

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The United States had for years been improving and growing rapidly. Away from the other world powers in Europe, they were able to avoid their conflicts for a long time, but that changed. America got involved in World War One and it affected some of their advancements. U.S imperialism was able to thrive in WWI, with America using the power to expand their empire. American progressivism however, fell between the cracks and disappeared for a long while during and after the war. WWI was not necessarily a distraction from either imperialism or progressivism, but it did affect them substantially. The war began in Europe in 1914 when Germany and Austria-Hungary went to war with Britain, France, and Russia. Bulgaria sided with Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire and were known as the Central Powers because they formed a large block in the center of Europe. Britain, France, Russia, and the United States were known as the Allied powers which over time included twenty-seven nations. America had tried hard not to get involved in European affairs and conflicts, but with our growing connections it became hard. Businessmen saw the opportunities and profitable advancements of Europe, which brought a large number of American 's overseas. Great Britain was a major trade partner with the U.S, so we were indirectly involved in their war. The Germans started sinking any British ships that came into view of their Unterseeboots, even if they were passenger or fishing vessels. When
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