How Did Imperialism Led To World War I?

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The effort of the government and the growing middle class led to a growing problem with public health and housing for lower class. So another problem occurred for the lower class to have better health and housing and to help them afford it. 76. Treaties and alliances led to World War I Alliances was the biggest cause for World War I. The alliances was a protector for the European states. Alliances were used as a political device and defensive measure. 77. Imperialism led to World War I Imperialism created a huge tension in Europe. This started the beginning of the war. Imperialism occurred at the top of industrialization, when science was becoming known. 78. Militarism led to World War I Militarism is a system that has great importance on…show more content…
The first thing he wanted to resolve was to shake off the getters of Versailles and make Germany a formidable military power. 91. Civil war led to World War II During the civil war, new weaponry, new forms of transportation, and new tactile warfare developed. This ties into the civil war as these new weapons, modes of transportation, and new tactics were employed adding to the complete and utter devastation of the war. 92. The US is always dragged into conflict We were dragged into World War I due to Germans petitioning Mexico to attack the US so they could keep them out of the war and get California and Texas in return. We were dragged into World War II by the bombing of Pearl Harbor and into war in the east against radical Islam by the 9/11 terrorist attack. 93. Julie ceasers ambition led to his downfall Julie caeser made many changed to Rome while he had power. The senator was very jealous of him because he had so much power. The jealousy of the senators led to caeser being stabbed to death in a theatre. 94. Cuban revolution were similar to the February…show more content…
He knew he would not win so he wanted the most power he could get. The February revolution began in 1917 because riots and strikes happened over the limited food in Petrograd. 95. How Spanish flu of 1918 led to the black plague In 1918 through 1919 the influenza pandemic killed more people than the great war, which was world war I. more people died from influenza than in the black plague. 96. Treaty of Versailles and southern reconstruction after the civil war shared a lot of futures 97. they all wrote out exactly what they planned but no one

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