How Did Isaac Newton Affect Our Daily Life

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Sir Isaac Newton was a fantastic man who inspired many scientist into doing greater things with discoveries and experiments. He is very important to our history because he created Law of motion. One of Isaac Newton’s scientific achieving as designing and constructing a reflected telescope in the year of 1668. Newton’s law of motion is so important because he told us why things move and how. This thing that Isaac Newton did became so famous because it involves everything we see in our everyday life. Majority of people were very curious on why things fell a certain way or how things would move. The law of motion tells you exactly how and why. For example, Isaac Newton told us exactly why cars move the way they do and why buildings don’t tilt or fall to the side. Many people always wonder why the law…show more content…
Here is an example on how this affects our everyday life and how it benefits us. One example I can tell you to explain more for instance your in a car going 40 mph and you have no seat belt you would constantly be hitting your face on the windscreen, dashboard, or the back of a seat that is called force. A force is a push or a pull that is upon an object’s interaction. If you have the seat belt this would benefit you from getting hurt and not causing death. Many people ask how is this science well if you think about that the whole point in the law of motion is things you see move or how they move. To be more clear when you are skateboarding and you jump when you are still going fast the only way for you to stop is falling on the ground because of the speed you are going at. Hitting two things that is either a push or a pull and getting an object’s interaction is called a force. Now from the previous example I gave you with car going 40 mph that’s a force moving which is called a magnetic field. A magnetic field is moving some type of electric charges and magnetic
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