Summary: How Islam Influence In Europe

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From 1000 C.E. to 1750 C.E., both trade and advances in art and science were greatly impacted by an Islamic presence in Europe. However, war continuously occurred between regions of Islamic faith and European territories.
Despite Europe’s apparent aversion to Islam influence over trade via the Indian Ocean trade route, economically, Islam greatly impacted this system. The Islam religion dominated the Indian Ocean trade route, or the “Sea Roads”, partially due to its location. As Muslim Egypt was the main transfer point from the Mediterranean basin and Europe, it was essentially impossible to bypass this location during European Sea Road trading. Consequently, Europe depended on this transfer point to conduct a majority of their trade, further increasing the Islam influence. Islam also held a significant amount of power over European trade due to the fact that Islam territories
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to 1750 C.E, one factor remained continuous in the relationship between Europe and Islam; war. During this time, the Islamic faith became a great military and political power based around faith. This increased the power held in Muslim hands as well as Europe’s aversion to the political and military superiority of Islam. This aversion caused a number of wars to occur continuously throughout the time period. The first of these wars was the Crusades, a series of nine religious battles beginning in 1096 that lasted for almost two hundred years. In these wars, Europeans fell into battle with the Ottoman Empire, one of the four large Islamic empires of the time. However, in addition to the large-scale battles of the Crusades, which ended in 1291, a number of separate battles also occurred such as The Ottoman Empire siege of Vienna in 1529. This Islamic victory represented the political and military expansion of Islam in contrast to Christianity. This contrast continued throughout the time period as Islam asserted its power over Europe, which was largely dominated by

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