How Did Islam Affect Indonesia

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Indonesia went through crucial events in the last few centuries including the spread of Islamic faith and influence. The spreading started out from trades that happened between Indonesians and Arabians (Sousa). Religious laws and traditions have changed from the moment Islam spread in Indonesia. Architectural style and mandatory rules also changed. Islam also had an impact on Indonesia economically, such as on banking and financial products (Rama). Islamic culture expedited massive changes whether religiously, artistically, or economically throughout Indonesia’s territory.
The expansion of Islam impacted Indonesia religiously. Hinduism was first introduced to Indonesia by trades between South India and East Java during the 4th century (McDivitt).
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One of the things Muslims must know is the outfit rule, which changed when the Islamic faith reached Indonesia. In the past, people would hardly cover themselves with clothes. Some women would go around with bare chest. Today, Muslim women must cover themselves with hijab (Badawi). In some ways, Islam also changed people’s behavior. For example, Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol or gamble. In that sense, Islam made people more strict and traditional. Muslim women must also be polite and humble all the time (Badawi). It is forbidden for members of a certain gender to act like the opposite gender (Badawi). The Ottoman is a Turkish tribe that will become one of the most dominant empires in the world. They were the ones who caused Muslim architectural design to be spread throughout the Byzantine Empire. Mosques and Madrasahs are the building that people will often see while driving around cities in Indonesia (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica). These building display Islam’s architectural building style, there are patterns on the building that makes it so aesthetic. Yet, the impact of Islam is not limited to the art, it is also felt
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